What are permanent cosmetics?

Also called permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing, permanent cosmetics is the placement of pigment just beneath the epidermis of the skin.  Although the effects of aging, surgeries and sun exposure may alter the pigment’s appearance over time, it is permanent.  For this reason, “refresher” appointments may be appropriate every few years to keep your makeup looking its best.

What to expect?

It is important to discuss your lifestyle and expectations with your technician prior to having permanent cosmetics.

Immediately FOLLOWING application:

The procedures result in visible redness, some swelling and occasional bruising.  Alicia will provide specific post-procedure instructions to help reduce any symptoms that may occur.

Up to one week after application:

Any swelling and tenderness will be gone within a week of your appointment.  There will be peeling of the skin, and sloughing off of the pigment trapped in the epidermis.  As the skin heals, over the next few weeks, the color will continue to change and appear more natural.

Two months after application:

Healing is complete.  You may add to or adjust your procedure to suit your lifestyle.  The application of sunscreen and good sun sense will help preserve your makeup for years to come.

Does it hurt?

Although everyone’s pain sensitivity varies, the application of permanent makeup involves minor discomfort. Topical anesthetics are used during the application to help minimize pain.

Is the procedure safe?

Your safety and comfort are our highest concern.  Permanent cosmetics are applied using the highest sanitation and sterilization standards available.  Sterile, single use needles are used with every client and Alicia is gloved at all times.

Are the pigments safe?

Pigments used in permanent cosmetics have an extensive record of safety.  Used in both medical and artistic fields for over 20 years, their safety is undisputed.

How long does the procedure take?

Although the length of the procedures may vary, as well as the number of visits required, most procedures generally take less than 1-1/2 hours.

Can I change the look of my permanent makeup after the procedure?

Although shape variations and color adjustments can be made, think of your makeup as permanent.  If you desire to change your “look” from time to time, the use of topical makeup is more appropriate.  Permanent cosmetics are truly from “here to eternity.”  That is their appeal.

Is permanent makeup easy to remove?

No.  Although lasers have aided in the removal of brows and eyeliner, lips require a different approach, as lasers tend to darken pigment in those areas rather than remove it.

Are permanent cosmetics right for you?

Ask your permanent cosmetics professional if you are an appropriate candidate.  If you have sparse eyebrows, uneven and pale lips, or wear eyeliner every day, permanent makeup may be for you.

Permanent cosmetics may not be appropriate for people who are contemplating facial reconstructive surgery, have chronic medical challenges or spend a lot of time in the sun.

As with any procedure that invades the skin, there are risks.  Discuss these with Alicia, and review your medical history with them prior to making the decision to have permanent cosmetics applied.